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    Mouser, was not a mouser, she never had any reason to be, until now. Ever since ‘Miss’ had her accident, which, Mouser hadn’t meant to cause, it wasn’t her fault, she fell down the stairs, tripping over Mouser, giving the young cat a hard kick as she toppled over. Miss broke something, and Mouser broke her paw and now walked with a limp. Since they took Miss away, Avery’s folks had only come by once, filling her bowl, but now they had forgotten her, and Mouser was starving. Every day for the past five sunrises, she was counting, Mouser struggled with the latch on her cat door, she couldn’t get out, she couldn’t eat, she would die in here if she didn’t escape soon. Not that her paw helped any, it made the days agony and her nights a dull throb of sleeplessness.
    “Come on, Mousey… If you can’t do this… You won’t be alive to see Avery’s kittens… Please, please work.” She pleaded with the locked cat door, batting it with her paws, feeling a lightning bolt of pain through her left paw. She grabbed it with her teeth, the cool metal almost unyielding to her bite. Almost. The lock jiggled, and she froze, as if something bad would happen, before she tugged and pulled and twisted again, her teeth aching as the latch gave a metallic groan and unlocked.
    “Mother’s milk, I’m free!” She yowled, racing through the door, stumbling on her broken paw. She stood and looked around, “I’m free, but I’m not out of trouble yet.” She mumbled, her stomach clawing at her sides, she gave her already visible ribs a lick, she had always been thin, when she was older she’d get fat, like Avery did, maybe have kittens too, but she felt as if she might not get that chance.
    Even here she could smell the scent of prey, hear birds flitting in the grass just beyond her reach, just beyond the fence. The tall, imposing, fence that she had walked upon and marked with her scent, now it stood before her, mocking her, telling her she couldn’t reach her prey. So, it was her anger that catapulted her over the fence, and it was her broken paw that sent shocks of pain through her limbs, and sent her tumbling ungracefully over the edge.
    She lay stunned for a few moments, the dying sun offering no comforting warmth and instead brought a chill down her spine, and the scent of mouse. She opened her eyes and saw it sitting before her. She sat up, and got into a rather sloppy crouch, because of her paw, and immediately the mouse sensed her and froze, and before she could take a step it was gone.  Mouser closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she was tired, she’d been trying to get out all day, maybe she could get a fresh start tomorrow, she could survive the night without food.
    She looked into the forest and sighed, limping toward a patch of ferns, home still in sight, and curled up uncomfortably. It was only moments after dusk had settled that the ants began biting into her pelt, with a yowl she jumped up and ran, her pain briefly forgotten as she jumped over logs and plants, fleeing deeper into the woods long after the last ant was shaken off.
    She might never have stopped running if the forest she had wandered into wasn’t riddled with streams, this one deeper than most. From the moment her paws left the ground and her eyes opened, she knew that she had messed up, and cried out as she plunged into the water. The only thing she was thankful for at this moment was that it was summer, so at least she wouldn’t freeze to death, no, Mouser, all of five moons old, was going to drown.
    ‘Oh, mother’s milk, it’s no use, I’m gonna die!’ she thought as she was plunged under the water, surging upwards again and gasping for air, “Help! Hel-“ She yowled, but it was no use, the stories of cats in the forest were only stories, she would die and never see home again. As her limbs grew weak and her heavy pelt dragged her down, she heard a splash, and felt a sting in her pelt. She numbly tried to get them to go away, ‘Leave me in peace.’ She cursed whatever was attacking her.
    “I could’ve gotten her, Cloudyheart.” A voice said indignantly, pouting. Another voice answered but the sound was muffled as Mouser slipped into unconsciousness.
    “Oh, no you don’t.” A small voice whispered, pushing on her chest until Mouser vomited all the water from her lungs, she opened her eyes to see a beautiful face wrought with worry above her. The beautiful cat sighed and turned to the bickering pair behind her. “She’s alive, no thanks to you.” She hissed. They looked at her sheepishly, the larger one dripping wet from saving her. “What’s your name lovely?” The she-cat asked.
    “M-mouser.” She replied shivering.
    “Mouser… I’m Moondew.” She smiled and turned to the others, “One of us will have to take her, her paw is broken and she’s going into shock.” The toms opened her mouth to protest, “I don’t care where she is from, Rivertail, your camp is closer-
    “No, we can’t take her, she’ll never swim on a paw like that!” He shook his head.
    “Please, River, for me. She needs you, what would Mistspirit say?”
    Rivertail narrowed his eyes and Mouser got the feeling that she should speak up before a decision was made, “I don’t need to go anywhere,” She mewed, “I live in a house through the forest.” She pointed with her tail in the direction she had come. They looked at her and Moondew gave her an uncomfortable look.
      “But you came here for a reason, you’re starving, your paw is broken, if we don’t help-
    “I don’t need help.” Mouser protested.
    “Moon, she doesn’t need our help, let her go.” The larger tom said quietly.
    “No.” Moondew drew herself up to her full height and gave Mouser a hard look, “You will die if you don’t go with Rivertail. You will not survive the night by yourself, you are unable to hunt, if you had something back where you came from, it’s obviously gone. Unless you’re done living, I suggest you follow him.” Moondew narrowed her eyes as Mouser shuffled her paws, “Come on Cloudyheart, let’s go, goodbye River, see you at the Full Moon.” And they were gone, darkness swallowing them whole. Rivertail gave Mouser a flick of his tail as a signal to follow him.
    As he began walking away, Mouser decided to follow him, giving one last look to where Moondew and Cloudyheart had disappeared. After long moments of silence, he spoke, “You made the right decision, not many cats can resist a direct order from Moon.” He stopped suddenly and gave Mouser a glare, “You are not to tell any cat, absolutely any cat that I met them, do you understand?” He hissed, Mouser froze and gave a small nod, Rivertail relaxed visibly and sighed, “Thank you.” He murmured, and didn’t say another word.
New Story: Mouser
This is the first thing I've written in a year, and I think it's kinda cool, I personally love all the characters I've already created and like the backgrounds I've started to connect. Please enjoy


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First off, I submitted some Tribal Kitty, check it out if you want, or don't, it doesn't matter to me, I'm just glad I was able to get off my Antagonistic Summer Syndrome and get back in the business. I also submitted two chapters of my own special serious series, The Apocalypse because I wondered why there wasn't anything that had an apocalypse just be an apocalypse, at least, not like my apocalypse, enjoy!


Okay, I've also been doing something in my spare time, it's called leader studies. I read Tallstar's revenge (I liked it, but from chapter 44 to 45, I thought they had missed a chapter or two, just saying) anyways, the thing I love about leaders is when they receive their lives, and so I did that with my cats, going back several generations of leader and jumping one ahead, the first nine leaders (excluding the first ones because they just got their lives, no reason) This includes who gave them their lives, why, how are the two related, who preceded them, who succeeded them, apprentices, deputies, appearance, personality, cause of death, and their defining moment. So if you'd be interested in reading that, let me know, if not, that's cool.

Oh and The Apocalypse will be coming soon. (Chapters, not the actual Apocalypse)

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