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Chapter Seven

I led Blaze to the gym, finding it easily enough on my own, this being his first time stepping into the doors; I hadn't thought to warn him about the assortment of Pokémon that resided inside.
Immediately, a passing Gengar frightened him, but I gave him a sharp glare and he quickly apologized.
"Do we have to spend our day here?" Blaze asked, his head low.
"Yes, this is Shadow's gym; Daemon will be here soon enough." I said. He looked doubtful, but nodded. We walked through the doors and settled near Venom.
I was almost falling asleep when there was an alarm. It blared loud, and repeatedly, until I had to put my ears down just to deal with it, the Pokémon around me were looking around in confusion, and the humans were racing about, asking around.
"Daemon and Angel! Something happened at their school!" Athanasia said over the alarm.
Without another word, I raced out of the building, not checking to see if Blaze was behind me.
I weaved through the streets, receiving gasps of shock, and confusion as I pushed past people, my feet flying, and for the first time I realized how ridiculous my cape must look, so I shook it off, my collar jingled, and rubbed comfortingly on my neck. Pushed my paws harder as the school came into view, I could feel the concrete rubbing into fresh cuts made by the concrete, and I saw it.
It was invisible at a distance, you couldn't see it unless you were right next to the school, but it was there, a faint pink glow surrounded it, I tilted my head, but pushed through, as soon as I stepped into the pink glow, it disappeared, briefly, and then reappeared immediately.
I looked back, confused, but continued on, and I saw something that made my blood run cold. Ahead of me, by just a few paces, there was a child, younger than Daemon, but in a similar uniform, his eyes were wide, and blank, and he was moving slowly, the pink glow surrounded him, and he was carrying Pokéballs with him, and throwing them into a small fire pit.
Immediately, as the Pokéballs left his hands, I surged forward and pushed them away from the fire, the flames licking my paws, thankfully there were no Pokéballs already in the flames. The boy, who I pushed over, shook his head and looked around, he looked like he was going to cry, but I touched my nose to his, and he fell asleep.
I blinked in surprise, but turned my attention to the Pokéballs, I had little idea of how they worked, but I touched the buttons and Pokémon appeared, dazed and confused they emerged.
In total there were twelve Pokéballs, the Pokémon inside were varied, and I gave them little explanation.
"We have to find your trainers and the rest of the kids!" I ordered, and they nodded, following me. My ears perked up, and I raced toward it, and inside one giant room, the kids were gathered, their eyes blank, and their faces dark, as soon as I entered the room, as one, they whipped their heads around to face me, the Pokémon pushed past me and one raced toward his trainer, immediately, the child, and the children around him, pushed him away, their eyes angry, and their faces dark, the Pokémon backed away confused as the kids got up, and advanced toward him, he raced back to my side, frightened.
"All of you," I told the frightened Pokémon, "Go back and get help from Shadows gym, I'm sure you're smart enough to find it?" I asked, looking scared they nodded and left.
When I looked up, the kids advanced still, their eyes dark, and glowing. I frowned when I saw Daemon apart of the hoard, but I shook my head, I was about to charge through them when an Espeon touched my side with his tail.
"Hey Luna, I think I might be of some help." I recognized Sol's voice, although slightly more musical now, I nodded, and his forehead jewel began glowing, and the kids staggered, but they only moved more slowly now.
"Here, let me help!" an excited Totadile shouted, behind him Blaze looked nervous, but resolute. The Totadile looked used water gun, aiming for the kids' feet, they started tripping, but they would get up and start again.
"Sol, we'll never hold them for long, you have to let go, and we'll make a break for it!" I said, he looked worried, and was about to do as I asked when a small shape appeared, followed by another.
"Hello again! Gee, you sure have a knack for trouble!" a small Ralts said, her companion was a Gothita.
"Can you hold them?" I asked, Sol strained to keep the kids at bay.
"Of course we can silly! Right King?" the Gothita referred to the Ralts.
"Of course Queen!" The Ralts shouted, and suddenly they started glowing, and the kids stopped completely.
I raced past them, trying to find the cause for the disturbance, I could hear a drone, and it got louder as I came closer to a large door, I backed up and raced into it. The small window smashed apart, and I entered the room quickly enough, inside was confusing enough.
There was a small Poochyena, but it was colored wrong, and it was fighting against a large Alakazam, and a Hypno beside him was battling a small black fox-like Pokémon with red ear tips.
"Zorua!" the black fox snapped.
The Poochyena stopped, and so did the Zorua, they glanced at me and backed up to stand by my sides.
"We fight!" The Poochyena and Zorua snapped, their fur bristled, and I nodded, lowering my head and baring my teeth.
Yay! Chapter Seven! I know, it seems short, but it's just how I wrote it. I got the picture from google, it's of Sol. Okay, how many of you can honestly say, you though that Luna would become an Umbreon, and Sol an Espeon? Okay, turns out I made a small mistake on the story part, ans it came to my attention by a very helpful person, thank you!
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FlareMew Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012   Writer
But anyways, GREAT stories! Looking forward for more! :D
FlareMew Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012   Writer
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Abbyzfatcat Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I hadn't noticed it until you said something! Thank you, don't worry, I fixed it, what it had been was another series Wild Cat that I also right, thank you for mentioning it! :hug:
FlareMew Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012   Writer
LOL. I've been reading your stories. AMAZING, I must say. :D
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